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Who is behind Bead Inspirations?
Vicki Lapp began Bead Inspirations in early 2003 as a home-based business. She taught jewelry making classes out of her home in Alameda and sold supplies. Over time, she expanded both her repertoire of classes and a community of beaders. Vicki has a diverse background that includes many different types of arts and crafts. Professionally, she has been an engineer and a corporate trainer/consultant. When she discovered her love of beading, it was natural for her to want to teach it to others.

Vicki was not alone in her efforts to build Bead Inspirations. There have been many people who have contributed their talents and loving spirit to make Bead Inspirations what it is. Vicki is grateful to the SCORE counselors who helped her turn this home-based business into a full-fledged brick and mortar store. The wind beneath her wings has come from the wonderful customers that have found inspiration in her classes and bead parties, and the talented staff who take pleasure in inspiring customers. Vicki is a member of the Northern California Bead Society.

Philosophy of Bead Inspirations

  • Every person is naturally creative. We strive to foster an environment where people are encouraged, supported, and acknowledged in expressing their natural creativity.
  • Every person is immensely capable. We offer classes and training that give people an opportunity to develop their skills and get enlivened by finding that they can do more than they knew they could. They leave classes with an expanded sense of their potential. They will take joy in learning something new and saying "I can do this!".
  • Color is inspiring and healing. We offer products that stimulate and nurture our spirit.
  • Giving gifts that you make yourself is a powerful expression of love. We encourage people to make gifts to give to people in their lives.
  • Each person is valuable because they are individual and unique. Their personal self-expression is an important way to express their uniqueness. When people make jewelry for themselves it is a loving thing to do for themselves, as they are allowing their spirit to flow through them and be expressed.
  • Being of service to others is an honor and a joy. When we are working we are being of service to others.
  • Everyone needs to relax and have fun. We are a stand for people to relax and have fun, whether it is in our store or at home.
  • Many of our customers are busy people. When people come to our business, our processes for signing up for classes and making purchases are efficient and don't waste people's time.
  • We do what we say we are going to do. We act with integrity.

What is special about Bead Inspirations classes:

  • You choose materials in class to make your class project, selecting from a broad range of styles. Most bead store classes select the materials for you, and give you the least expensive clasps to use. In our classes, you choose whether you want to use the finest materials, economical materials, or something in between.
  • Teaching methods are professionally designed by an instructional designer. The steps of each technique is broken down to ensure that you will learn them.
  • Most classes are designed so that you will leave with a finished project that you designed and made.
  • The instructor and staff will guide you in selecting materials and designing your project. We're experienced at taking the overwhelm out of the process. You don't have to do anything to prepare for the class.
  • Your learning style and pace is respected and your creativity is nurtured (not pressured). You can relax and feel nurtured.

Be part of the team!
Share your love of beads with our wonderful customers! We hire part-time sales associates and operational assistants from time to time. Is it right for you or someone you know? See the job postings for current positions available.


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