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Wholesale Gemstone Program

Wholesale Gemstone Program
In effect at Bead Inspirations in Alameda until further notice. Now available in the webstore!
Please note: that our selection of gemstones in the Alameda bead store is more extensive than our webstore offering. We are in the process of adding more of our gemstone inventory online.

Program Basics - in Alameda store

  1. Minimum purchase is $150 in gemstone strands. After you purchase $150 in gemstone strands, the next $150 of gemstone strands will be free. In other words, you need to select $300 minimum in gemstone strands in order to get 50% off their purchase of gemstone strands.
  2. Gemstone strands include all natural and dyed stones, composite stones (such as golden ocean quartz), and amber.
  3. In addition to the wholesale prices on gemstone strands, the purchase will also qualify for Frequent Beader Bead Bucks. So you will get $300 of gemstones for $150, and then at the end of the 3 month period, you will also get 5% back in bead bucks for full prices beads if you join the Frequent Beader Program (which includes giving us name, email, phone, address, which we will not give to anyone else.) You will not be added to the email list by joining the Frequent Beader Program unless you agree to this.
  4. If you get a student discount, and you are also purchasing gemstones in the wholesale gemstone program, wholesale gems will be 50% off, other products you purchase will be 10% off.

Program Basics - in our webstore

  1. Put $300 of gemstone strands in your cart, along with other items that you are purchasing. 
  2. At checkout, enter wholesalegem as Redemption Code.  The gemstone items will be discounted at 50%.
  3. Complete your order.

Here are some examples of what IS NOT ELIGIBLE in the Wholesale Gemstone Program:

  1. Not included: pearls, loose gems, cabochons, glass, crystal, or anything else that is not a gemstone strand.
  2. If you select $150 in gemstone strands, you do not get 50% off of their purchase, which will then total $75. When you purchase $150 in gemstone strands the NEXT $150 is free. In other words you need to select $300 in gemstone strands in order to get 50% off your purchase of gemstone strands.
  3. If your purchases add up $150 or $300, but not all of them are gemstone strands, you do not qualify. You must spend at least $150 in gemstone strands for the next $150 to be free.
  4. If you qualify for wholesale on gemstones, this does not extend to any other products. If you buy gemstones at wholesale prices, then you still pay the regular price for all other products that you purchase. If you buy pearls, glass, crystals, tools, etc., you pay the regular price for these.

Do you offer wholesale prices on other products?

YES, we do offer wholesale prices on other products. The wholesale prices are published on our website as bulk discounts. Of products that we order from Vintaj, Tierracast, Nunn Design, and some other vendors (including pewter beads, plated components and chain), if you order a certain minimum quantity of an item, you will receive wholesale prices.
When you do a search for a product on the website, you have to click on the product to see the quantity discounts. If there isn't quantity discount listed for a particular item, please ask and we'll look into what quantity is needed to get a discount. For most Tierracast items, for example, if you buy 20 of the same item, you can get 20% off. This discount does not apply to mixing and matching different items.

Below are a few samples of what we have in the Alameda shop. Keep in mind our inventory is constantly changing!

Sakura Chalcedony

Morganite & Hematite
Morganite & Hematite 


Fossilized Coral & Apatite
Fossilized Coral & Apatite
Ruby & Red Tiger Eye
Red Tiger Eye, Ruby, Dyed Quartz



Golden Tigers Eye
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